Flexo Printing

Flexo printed boxes is the most commonly used type of corrugated printing in the corrugated packaging industry.

This is a printing technique performed with a water-based ink using a mold made with photopolymer called cliché.
The printing clarity varies depending on the dots level, clear results are not obtained where photo printing is required. It is rather used when the item does not require a high quality printing.

MasterFlex Printing

Masterflex printed boxes are used when the customer require more visualization.

The masterflex boxes are more durable and less expensive and their graphics are the same as the Offset printing which requires 4 printing phases, unlike the MasterFlex.

In addition, the water-based ink used in MasterFlex printing is eco-friendly, unlike the solvent-based ink used in Offset print boxes.


The design of the box is designed to show the type of printing.