Wave Type Profile  Wave High (mm.) Wave Length (mm.)
E 1,0 – 1,8 3,0 – 3,5

Because of the high number of flutes in the metric, E wave gives excellent crush resistance and compression strength. It provides a high quality surface to print upon and is most commonly used in smaller cartons and die-cuts applications.


Wave Type Profile Wave High (mm.) Dalga Length (mm.)
B 2,2 – 3,0 5,5 – 8,5

The B wave is one of  the most common type of fluting. Seen in all types of applications including die-cut and regular boxes it gives a good all-round performance. Due to the low thickness of the wall, the surface is very resistant to crushing due to the more frequent waves, despite the lack of resistance in the vertical load. It gives quite good results in printing


Wave Type Profile Wave High (mm.) Wave Length (mm.)
C 3,2 – 4,0 6,8 – 8,0

This type of flute  is a good carrier and gives good results in printing. Although it has been fighting against the B flute for a long time, its use is increasing in our country and in the whole world.


Wave Type Profile  Wave High (mm.) Wave Length (mm.)
EB 3,2 – 4,5 E: 1,25 B:2,4

This type of wave is a combination of the popular B wave and the E waves is called the micro double wall. It is has 5 layers.

The results of the combination  E and  B flute give an excellent performance level in both print finish and impact protection. The  products with this specification are used for fragile, sensitive and not very rigid items.


Wave Type Profile  Wave High (mm.) Wave Length (mm.)
BC 5,5 – 6,5 B:2,4 C:3,6

The double wall  (5 layers) BC wave carton is one of the most consumed product in the packaging market.

The cost of the double wall is less expensive and cost friendly than the other packaging types and it is the preferred choice as it provides a suitable transportation method for the your product safety.


It is the name given to the fluting paper in various wave types.

Double Wall Corrugated Cardboard

Double Wall Cardborad are constructed with two layers of fluting. The 5-ply construction provides a greater strength over the double wall, making them the perfect choice for heavier items or items which require a higher level of potection.

Double Wall boxes are are used extensively as heavy duty shipping cartons and especially  export cartons. Also used as general packaging and moving boxes.