Partition walls – Separator

This separator serves to separate individual products and prevents transportation damages in case of sensitive goods. By fitting them into one another, you can create as many compartment as desired. No additional closing material is required.


This items is used to divide horizontally and vertically the corrugated cardboard boxes.

Reinforcement insert

Reinforcement insert
This type interior fitting is put around a part as an additional protection. It is used to strengthen the inner side surfaces of the corrugated cardboard box and to increase its stacking strength leaving the long sides and front sides protected.

Display Boxes

The Display Box is a great solution for promoting and selling smaller size items. It can be designed with a custom cardboard insert to hold products neatly organized in place, and help with protection in transit. It helps distinguish your products against your competition and when custom printed, it ensures easy stock trace-ability throughout the supply chain and helps prevent picking errors. It is the best advertisement campaign for your product.

Display Standards

This corrugated display is the standard that big retail chains favor. It is developed with the aim to create a display to order exhibit and promote your products. And when graphics added, it attracts attention and appeal to customers.