Your product

  • Did you describe to us, your product and its use and give its precise measurements, weight and physical properties?
  • Have you mentioned the features of your product such as fragility, decay…?
  • Did you mention if your product is sensitive to humidity, heat, or breakage?
  • If the product is made up of many parts, did you specify whether it will be packed in an assembled form or in pieces?
  • If your product is being packed for the first time, have you sent us an example of the last package you used?

Your packaging shape

  • Did you inform us about how often your packaging was ordered and how often it was replaced?
  • Are you setting up your packaging manually or automatically?
  • Are you packing your packages on automatic filling lines?
  • Do you use tape-stitch-glue before closing the packages?

Your storage method

  • Did you specify the full box weight?
  • Is there a carrier characteristic of the packaged product?
  • Does the lowest package carry the weight of all others?
  • Do you use pallets in storage, in which sizes?
  • Did you observe the correctness of your pallet placement method?
  • Are full cubicles affected from moisture-heat during storage?
  • Will it be kept outdoor during distribution?

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