About Us

ILKE ambalaj has been manufacturing corrugated cardboard for the packaging sector since 1997. Situated on 34,000 square meter of land with 21,000 square meter manufacturing devided in 2 plants. We have a production capacity of 120,000 metric tons annually.

We are a leader in customer focused based solution. Each corrugated cardboard box is designed and produced according to international standards from A to Z .

Continually evolving and developing, we are consistently providing exceptional packaging and printing solutions through the best technologies and innovative practices, in order to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

” We are Growing Forward! “

Our Vision

To fully meet all packaging needs of firms with superior and cost-effective solutions, through our outstanding applications, trendsetting competitive designs, and principled approach to management that continuously strives for perfection.

Our Mission

To be a leading company providing sustainable service and producing its own raw materials, in accordance with international standards, with high quality and advanced technology in the Southeast Anatolian region.


To improve our quality management system and ensure its effectiveness using the necessary tools and tests: